Our Clients Say

The time came, sadly, when our father needed extra care with his activities of daily living. Our standard of care for him was very, very high. After meeting with Dad and us, his four daughters, Brigitte went to work placing and training the best people to do the job. This team was with Dad 24/7 for more than a year. They treated him with the utmost kindness and respect. They worked diligently to keep him safe from falls and skin breakdown. They accompanied him to many activities that kept him happy and satisfied…chair volleyball, picnics, painting classes, and holiday festivities.  In so doing, they became well-known and well-liked in all of these circles. Ultimately the team felt like an extension of our own family in that we grew to count on them, trust them, and deeply appreciate them. They were there for trips to the Emergency Room, hospital stays, and throughout Dad’s time with hospice. Brigitte and her team enabled our father to live to his fullest abilities, right up until the end. They maintained his dignity throughout and went above and beyond, exceeding our very high expectations. We are forever grateful to Brigitte and her extraordinary caregivers.

Lisa Greene on behalf of Fred's daughters: Mary, Sally, Lisa and Meg

Brigitte and her staff have provided care for my mother the past 5 years and counting!  I have been blessed to have had the SAME staff for the entire time.  These women are devoted, caring, responsible, loyal and loving.  They have attended to my mother’s every need as her health has declined over their tenure.  They are thorough, follow all directions from me, hospice and their supervisor.  Their devotion to my mother is exemplary and I could not have wanted a better group of women to be with her as she goes through this journey.  Brigitte, the buck stops here person, has been available, cooperative, responsive to any of our families’ needs for my mom.  I would recommend her to anyone without qualification.  Our family has felt blessed throughout this long goodbye to have her with us.

Barbara Adler

My name is Thelma Schaser and I am 95 years old. When I found myself in need of transportation assistance, I looked in the Yellow Pages and came across Brigitte At Your Service. I hit it off with them right away and have been very pleased with the service. My own company doesn’t bore me and I am still able to do most of what I want to do, but there are certain things that I can’t do anymore and just need a little bit of help. It seems that with the quality of the people that Brigitte selects,  she really takes great care in who she hires. They are just quality people that’s all I can say. I can’t say enough about them. If and when the times comes when I need more care, I would certainly continue on with Brigitte and her staff. They always seem to be there when I need them.

Thelma Schaser

You and Eudice
You brushed her hair, chose
what to wear
You fixed her meals, asked
how she feels
When she was scared, you
really cared
Your smile, your touch,
they meant so much
And now that she has
found her rest, we’ll say
that we were truly blessed
With the best…you and

Marlene Kraus

Having Brigitte care for my parents has been a blessing that has kept them living the fullest possible lives in a home filled with love for far longer than we had ever hoped, and at the same time, has left me able to pursue my work thousands of miles away without having to constantly worry about or be involved in the details of managing their care. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mark Kramer
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