Brigitte Schiffer

Helping other people has always been something that has resonated with me for as far back as I can remember. My main goal is to make people’s lives full of quality and care. Brigitte At Your Service, Inc. is different because we offer a definite continuity of care. We have the same high-quality staff that takes care of our clients for as long as they are with us. We do not feel there should be a need to continually get to know and become comfortable with a large variety of different staff. When it isn’t broken, there is no reason to fix it. I can’t say enough good things about my staff. They are professional, loving, caring and they make sure every client has everything that they need and then some. My staff makes me! We are all a team! To me, they are family. For us, our clients are also like family and we want to make sure that all of their needs are met. I personally oversee all aspects of the care and take charge of making sure everything is exactly as it needs to be. In my heart, I believe when you give people the best care you can possibly give and can help give them the quality of life that they deserve, you can’t do more than that, you are giving it your all! People don’t care about your education. They really care about the heart and the emotion that goes into their aging or ill parent or loved one and what can be done to help them. My life’s philosophy is that we should all live each and every day the best way we can.