Hello Team-

  • Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands, wash hands. I can’t stress it enough.
  • Do not come to work under any circumstance with a cold or symptoms of a cold or beginning symptoms.
  • Use Clorox wipes for everything. Over and over and over again  If for some reason there is no Clorox wipes make a solution using a cap full of Clorox and water (6-8 cups).
  • Avoid touching your face and eyes during this time.
  • When you go home, watch your surroundings and who you are with.  If anyone has a cold please be smart and leave. Everything depends on you using common sense and good hygiene.
  • If a client is having visitors make sure there are no symptoms of any kind that could possibly be passed on.
  • Last but not least let all of us use good common sense to get through this crisis. And let’s keep our clients safe.
In the event you can’t come to work let’s work together and cover for each other to get through this crisis. Thanks for your cooperation.
Casey Davis, Manager
Brigitte Schiffer